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I am a wedding photographer, a strong believer in Christ, with a vision to capture those precious moments that are so often missed. Located in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, I love singing even though I may not be good a it, delighted to be in the presence of dogs, and a lover of visual aesthetics. I started Array Media as a means to carry out my vision revealed to me by God, to spread the gift he has given me unto others and to sow seeds of compassion and love in everything I do. I set out to change the meaning of "photographers" as we not only capture your moments, but we become your friends who get to live every single moment alongside you.


My focus, not only as a photographer but as Christian, is to freeze these moments that we need to see when we look back in time. A kiss, a child's smile, the moment we hear "I do" are things I want to freeze for everyone because it's in these moments that we can look back and say "my life changed at that instance." As an artist I started early in high school, but as time progressed and working under various photographers, I saw that there needed to be changes in the way we interact from artist to client. I don't want to be someone that comes into your life and provides a service, instead I want to become a friend that can document every single life-changing moment for YOU. My goal is to ensure that you leave with a smile on your face from beginning to end and that you can look back at and be joyful that you can share your photos with every new generation that comes along the way, to receive art that not only reflects my vision but reflects your personality and detail. I'm always available to speak/email so take those links and let me serve you today!




Photo Gallery:


Phone: (954) 445-9299


"Bringing a brighter memory each day."

My motto that reminds me that everything is done for a reason and for a purpose.

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