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Adding new lenses to my gear

Recently I've been debating whether I wanted the Canon 100mm f/2 lens or the Canon 85mm f/1.8 lens in my arsenal. I looked up extensive reviews between the two (,, to name a few) and i felt certain in getting the 85mm lens. I have a couple of friends who use it and is astounded by the Image Quality it provides, and i personally would like the extra length on my 60D whenever my 50mm can't reach the subject when i take photos of brides or quinceañeras. Also, i believe the 85mm will give me a new depth into bokeh and distance when it comes to engagement sessions or portrait sessions but that's later down the road.

Starting off my business, it's bit difficult knowing that my capital isn't constant, but the grace of God is providing so much in a lot of way that i'm able to afford them. I have StudioPro strobes (two 400w strobes with rectangular diffusers), Mettle 600W Strobe, a Sigma 50mm lens and now adding in the Canon 85mm. All of these things have definitely created a new influence in my photos and i'm blessed knowing that this is going further than what i could imagine.


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