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March is upon us!

Almost 2 months in and I have 3 weddings booked for the month of March! Each couple is very excited for me and my team to arrive the day of the wedding to start taking photos and recording video. So far, I've recieved more and more blessings from family and even the support of friends to keep pushing my business foward into a new level. The more i start to count down the days, the more i start to prepare mentally for what's to come as well as the time i have to separate for each wedding day.

Also, I recently purchased a Canon 5d Mark II and this camera is the BEST investment i made for photo and video. The quality of all my lenses have improved dramatically and even the video feature is top notch quality from what i've used it for. I'm definitely excited to try this camera out on a few shoots and to see the difference in quality from my Canon 60D.

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