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May showers and more weddings

I am happy to say that I have booked two more wedding in the month of May! It's exciting being able to help brides with their last minute wedding details and I believe that something good is coming out from this right now. My first stop will be this weekend at Vero Beach and next week will be in Fort Lauderdale and I am prepare to give it my all this month!

I have also been looking into buying a new lens in order to showcase the beautiful rings that brides have on their wedding day and i've been looking into the 100mm Tokina macro and the 100mm USM Canon macro. I've seen them both and I think i'll make my decision by the end of this week as to which lens i'll be buying for displaying rings.

As you keep reading into my blog i just want to say thank you for taking the time to read and I pray that you're inspired or blessed to see my journey unravel itself as i continue in the the year!

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