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Welcoming Tony & Tina Palmaz!

It's been two weeks since i covered this wedding in Palm Beach and I'm glad to say that i made the drive from Hallandale Beach all the way to Vero Beach to capture this beautiful wedding. Tina and Tony were very down to earth and they were both set on getting to that alter and share their kiss as a united couple in Christ. It wasn't easy taking the drive to Vero, but as a wedding photographer it felt wonderful knowing that my images will forever remain with them for their grandchildren to see. I'm proud of the fact that I took this step to not only drive there, but change a life by simply reminding them that "It's their day".

Many blessings are coming to those that work for it as well as make the effort into driving their passion to a new level. I pray that all of you that read this keep feeling inspired to pursue your love for whatever you desire and to keep pushing until it becomes reality.

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