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Growth takes place when you step out of your comfort zone

February is nearly halfway over and there have been many obstacles that arise, such as finding vendors to work alongside with, individuals with like mindedness to work alongside you in your craft, and clients who are in the process of booking Array Media. It's only the beginning of the year and there are some hardships being as I, Andy Araya, am the only individual who makes this company thrive from the marketing, the content posted, the editing that needs to be done. I'm honestly grateful as I still get to keep myself focus on the prize which is to bring this company from the ground up with my faith as my foundation.

In these times, if you are in a situation where you feel that you may not have the strength required, Don't allow yourself to give up so easily until you start pushing for the results you want to see happen. No one on this earth will get you the results that YOU yourself are looking for. The people you bring alongside you will follow your direction so long as you give them a motivation to keep following your leadership.

I've recently down photo shoots with a Venezuelan model from Miami, Yessika andreina, and a dancer who wanted to get some new material to brand and push out for herself, Gabriella Torres. Both were amazingly great with posing and even enjoying themselves to how they wanted to see themselves in the final image. It may not be much but you never know who any of your clients know further along the path you walk.

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