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Gardens, gardens, and more gardens

We had the opportunity to come back once again to The Bamboo Gallery in Davie, FL and what a beautiful sight it was to be back in a lush garden with so much details to put into! Lily and Phil were looking for a photographer for their wedding, but it wasn't going to be so grand that many people were going to be invited yet they wanted someone to capture the most important parts like the ceremony and reception. That's where I came in and offered my services to them and were they most excited once they received their pictures a month later. They found through instagram and from their they saw the pictures I had posted, the work I've done recently and last, but not least they've felt comfortable enough with me to capture their wedding day.

The most amazing part of the wedding is the fact that I was able to capture something small, but with an immense love surrounding everyone that was there at the Bamboo Gallery. Keep following the blog and start remembering all the people you've invited or are planning to invite to your wedding. Every single one of them were grateful you remembered them even if you fell out of contact with them and that is the most blessed feeling to have especially to celebrate a joyous occasion.

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