Maintaining relationships from the beginning

We're here today to emphasize relationships, and I don't mean the lovey-dovey kind but the kind that you begin when you first meet or speak to someone. Relationships in any industry you work in are crucial because these same people will be thinking of you constantly whether you haven't spoken to each other in years or you meet up together on a weekly basis. For me in my case, my relationship with The Yes Girls Events ( has definitely been on a semi-yearly basis, but I am most sought out whenever they have a local proposal down in Miami or Fort Lauderdale. There's nothing better than to have someone think of you right away whenever something great is about to happen and they want to consult with you beforehand to see if everything will work together wonderfully or even for other references. The power of communication is definitely a double-edged sword if done correctly and incorrectly which is why we need to pay more attention to how we speak and articulate our thoughts correctly.