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May Showers and a beautiful "I do!"

We had the wonderful opportunity yesterday night of capturing an "I Do!" in Miami for Alejandro in this majestic Miami weather. We've arrived around 7pm to set up the camera for the pictures and lighting to go down for 7:30pm, but Alejandro found out that his fiancé Alexandra was going to be in an uber for almost 2.5 hours! Imagine the look on his face when he has prepared everything for this occasion just to be told that she won't be able to make it on time. No worries, I came by, talked to Alejandro, and made him feel a bit less worried when he realizes that Alexandra will appreciate this so much more. Everyone patiently waiting, Alejandro let's everyone know that she will be arriving in 15 minutes. Everyone started scurrying off to their places, The florist lit the candles once more that blew out, and we all waited for Alexandra to walk through the door. She arrived, Alejandro in awe of her arriving, sat her down and played a movie and showed her a small clip of Him asking her parent's for their blessing in Marriage.

All in all, these two had an amazing flare that definitely showed in the their session and everyone else who played a part as well for what they did to make this happen was gleeful over their big moment!

Venue: Skydeck Miami Rooftop (

Videographer: One Way Out Productions (

Florist: Beautiful Kreations (

Planner: The Yes Girls Events (

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