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California living: Part 1

Recently I traveled to Los Angeles, California to enjoy a little vacation away from working and editing done for past jobs and just the ambience alone in California upped my travel curiosity a lot. I got the chance to travel alongside Venice Beach up to Santa Monica for a weekend and just the weather alone was absolutely perfect. Open blue skies, perfect weather, and even a beautiful night within the city of Los Angeles everywhere that I went. Splitting up a majority of time in 3 parts since the trip was almost a whole week, but you'll be able to see the amount of pictures created for this small amount of time.

As I continue to post on my experiences over the next couple of posts allow yourself to be absorbed at what I was able to view through my lens and my subjects I captured in this time. My next post will be available soon today so If you're ready to click on the link go right on ahead and experience Mount Hollywood from my my eyes!

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