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Amanda's 15 session

Recently we had an amazing session done with Amanda for her Quinceañera and she definitely rocked her dress and ballet outfits! She was running a bit late due to the Makeup artist coming off a cruise and being delayed and we had her session beginning by 9am, but due to the delay we had to wait around 9:30pm. Amanda and her family arrived to the Ichimaru Japanese Garden located nearby Parrot Jungle Island in Miami and we began to start up in the morning ready to go. She had a stunning red dress for her Quince theme of Havana Nights and the rhinestone embedded on the dress was absolutely stunning.

When you have a location that is small yet a person who is creative with their eyes then you'll be able to make some magic happen to no matter what. You as the client have a vision, but we as creatives take your ideas and do all we can to maximize beyond what you normally see to give you what you were envisioning. Take the time to get to know your location and let us know ahead of time so that we choose the right spots to make you shine your greatest!

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