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Green forests and blue lakes

Greynolds Park is definitely a wonderland when you pass by it...It has an immense little forest if you walk within, and it has a great big pond in the center of the park where you can see the sun reflecting from it. We had a great opportunity to do a short quince session for a girl from Honduras last summer, and I suggested this park as a way for the family to get to know Miami but also to see what I get to see when I step into this park. When we all arrived they didn't expect to see a park as large as Greynolds and to have a large tower hidden in the middle of it all (If you're from Florida then you know which one I'm talking about lol). We went ahead and got everything ready and then magic happened for Aby while we did her Quince shoot.

If there's something that's great about photography, it's that you get to bring your clients where you think they will shine best and then they are appreciative with the suggestion. We made her shoot a lot of fun by talking a lot about Honduras, how she's liking Miami for the short stay she was in, and the big question of them all...Did you go to Disney World/Orlando? All in all, this is something I love to do with clients and just being able to see the joy in their faces when they receive their images is something that warms my heart always.

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