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Wedding Photographer in Miami | Wedding Photographer in Fort Lauderdale

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We believe that our work not only captures your vision in mind, but aims to preserve your memory for generations to come, from your children all the way onto your grandchildren. We believe in the "Happily ever after story" because we capture life changing moments that always will be a milestone that stays in your life. From getting married, to your first child being born, to your children getting married, these milestones are something we set out to capture in a beautiful fashion that you're able to instantly remember the joy that was brought when we arrive to your special day. If you're out of state, we even deliver everything directly to your home for no extra charge as we want you to have your keepsakes with you forever! Everything we do has your vision in mind and we want to be able to convey that love that you give us back twofold so that can feel that your memories are treated with appreciation and gratitude. Browse through our gallery of weddings and work and allow us to capture your vision today!

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Sunset Wedding Details


Think about all the detail and planning your putting into your wedding. Your venue is booked once for your wedding, your catering is served once for the night, your decor looks lovely the day of your wedding but won't be around the next day. Everything has a timeframe, but my pictures don't have a time frame whatsoever. What you receive is what you will be sharing with everyone in your family and future generations for the rest of your life. What I capture will be instilled in your hearts and memories forever more as you walk this earth with your spouse hand in hand. All your decorations will be a breathe of fresh air as you look through your photos, your first kiss will be as if you're experiencing it for the first time all over again, and your vision and idea will be as if it was molded by not only the artist but yourself as well. Think of photography and video as not only a service, but a keepsake in which we are with you from beginning to end to help you bring your vision to life. 

Wedding Collections begin at $1500 that will include a hourly photo coverage, photographer, albums, a free planning consultation, and many more surprises!


An engagement session is the best way to get to know your photographer, as well as discovering a bit more of your photogenic personality on a shoot. This is your make or break between getting amazing photos, or awkward poses and faces that end up not looked at or shared with anyone. These sessions are more than your typical cell phone pictures that are done in mere seconds, these photos are done with patience and diligence to make sure that what you receive is something beyond phenomenal. 

Sessions begin at $750 that include digital images, enlargements, free consultations, and some awesome ideas for your photo shoot!

Miami Beach Quince Photo

Quinceañeras, Sweet Sixteens, Bat Mitzvahs

Your daughter's event are your years of planning since she was born, taking her first steps, as well as when she first went into school and you see her maturing into the beautiful young woman you dreamed her to be. You begin to plan, begin to ask friends for help, and ask your daughter what she wants for her 15th/16th birthday, or Bat Mitzvah that you want to be able to remember for the rest of your time. Our job as Photographers and Videographers is to capture those special moments for you from beginning to end, and help you look back years later when your daughter is all grown up and living her best life. When you look back at the pictures you receive you begin to feel as if you were there at that exact moment she cut the cake, danced with her father/mother, and even having fun with all her family and friends she saw on that day. When you receive the video, it's as if you were able to replay time again and again at the moments that meant the most to you and your daughter. Think of photography and video not only as a service, but think of it as an experience that you get to share with everyone close around you as well as sharing these memories when your daughter begins to have a family of her own. 

Photography Collections begin at $1200 that will include hourly photo coverage, photographer, albums, a free planning consultation, and many more surprises! Video Collections begin at $800 and that includes having a videographer for your requested time, as well as creatives who make your event look like a film!


Every memory starts off with a first step. Start yours by contacting us to meet and learn more about why we love what we do for each wedding day!
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