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Venue #1 (Club Tropical Ballroom)

It's the beginning of March and I had the wonderful opportunity to come out to Club Tropical Ballroom in Hallandale Beach to take photos of a Sweet Sixteen birthday Decor they put together. It was beyond breathtaking seeing how well they put this Sweet Sixteen set together and it was definitely an honor to be able to come out to make sure I captured it before the night of festivities began. The greatest thing about Club Tropical Ballroom is that they're local, another thing is that they know how to get the right vendors together to make sure you're definitely beyond happy with every little detail you see. If you're searching for venues, always make sure you look at the photos they present on their website, then go out and see the venue for yourself to see what exactly they can grab from what you're envisioning for your day. Going out of your way takes work, but once you find the right location then there is definitely no regrets after. You can definitely see more of the venue at as well as going to their facebook page Always reach out to us at as well as to see more of our work we post throughout the coming months.

Club Tropical Ballroom

Club Tropical Ballrom Hallandale

Beautiful decorations

Amazing Local Venue

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