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Weddings in Miami and Fort Lauderdale and Covid-19 in 2021

2020 and the world changed when Covid struck. Weddings were placed on hold, venues closed due to social distancing and full closing due to restrictions until the world healed.

All of this caused us to sit, reflect, and even put our plans on hold until everything started to slowly open up and then...Wedding season of 2021. Every Venue in Miami, every venue in Fort Lauderdale, and every venue in West Palm Beach has been taken to celebrate love and celebrate with loved ones in the pandemic.

We took a brief pause with the pandemic to review, evaluate, and make the necessary changes to go about this pandemic and have been working hard on improving out craft in this time!

Wedding season has started to grow and we're ready to capture every moment and couple out there who's wants to capture their love on camera!


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