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"You look amazing"

I love being able to work alongside other photographers who genuinely share the same love and passion in wedding photography as I because I get to shape the love story the couple always wanted. Wedding photography has always been something near to my heart since I started my first wedding many years back, and I honestly cannot stay away from all the joy and love my couples love to show in front of the camera. We were assisting One Way Out Productions with a wedding not too long ago and we were tasked with second shooting so that we can focus on candid photos while they did all the more extensive portraits. Second shooting taught me that I have to become more familiar with my locations and that I need to practice lighting my subjects in ambient lighting to get the best image. It's difficult when my setups are usually 4 powerful flashes in each corner of a room, and at least 2 flashes Off camera to do any portraits with no delay. Overall I think we got same amazing reactions from the bride and groom when it came to doing details photos!

Live it up every chance you get with your significant other because each picture we're capturing is a way of looking back once again at something amazing.

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