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"Watch out!"

There's nothing better in an engagement session than a couple who looks up ideas on pinterest and allow me to add my creativity to their pins. I spoke to Paola and Walter after our first attempt of photos in the beginning of the year at Matheson Hammock Park, we finally were able to set aside a date for the engagement session. We decided to go to the Sunny Isles Beach Pier to start taking pictures around the boardwalk, sand, and Newport Beachside Resort & Hotel. This was the perfect opportunity to try out my new Godox AD200 flash that I've bought on Amazon for outdoor portraits, and it was spectacular being able to work with a new system that gave me a brand new look and feel to what I do. One thing I've learned about myself in photography, is that I'm willing to get the shot no matter what obstacle I'm facing. We had one instance where we took waters directly near the shoreline, and the waves were ready to pounce resulting in Paola and Walter saying "Watch out!" before my camera got wet completely.

One thing I love to do is experimenting with new equipment as well as being able to try out different ideas with my clients to bring the best out of their personalities. There's nothing better than a couple who is willing to try something new to get the shot they really want.

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