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When you forget to bring...

We've done this Quinceañera session around October of last year when the mom was looking to book the session and we came across from a venue in the South Florida region. We definitely had a great time taking photos and walking around Parkland's Golf and Country Club, but something happened...I forgot to bring my transmitter and receiver to fire my flashes for the session :( As a photographer, this is definitely the worst thing to happen especially when you felt that you prepared and made sure you had everything prior to leaving your home/office, and then to realize halfway that you forgot the one thing that helps makes your pictures great. As we continued on with the session, I begin to realize how much I have to learn when it comes to naturally lighting the subject while allowing my setting to not go beyond what I want it to go. It becomes difficult but I definitely have to prepare more next time when it comes to my sessions as well as doing more checklists to make sure I have absolutely everything before I leave.

What worries do you have when you go out for your shoot? Is it Makeup? Clothing? Posing? Location? Most of these worries start to accumulate, but at the end of the day they start to dissipate when your photographer takes the lead and you begin to feel more and more comfortable than ever before. Trust in the people making the art happen for you and the creative process behind it because you never know how impacting these images can be when you receive them.

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