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Liria & Alexander's Cruise send-off

We had the wonderful opportunity of capturing Liria and Alexander's wedding a couple of weeks ago. They were such a sweet couple (Though pressed for time because they had a cruise waiting for them after the wedding ended) but we did as much as we could in order for them to be extremely happy with the images we shot. Their ceremony was held in St. Marks church in Pembroke Pines, and their reception at Brimstone Woodfire Grill in Pembroke Pines, about 15 mins away from the site but with much coordination we successfully ended the wedding on time for them to go on their cruise. We saw some opportunities to play around with their rings, cake, and bridal session photos since it was a short wedding day, but nonetheless we hope you enjoy the photos that were taken because in the short amount of time, we did what seemed like a lot!

If you can find yourself at a restaurant and have the option of playing around with the whole location then please please do it brides! You'll be surprised at what your photographer can do when you give them a little push to open up their creative palette!

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