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New year, new moments

It's been a bit long since my last blog post as of June (That's extremely long especially for me as a photographer) and quite frankly it feels like I haven't been able to get everything together right now. Some sharp turns plummeting into my creativity and productivity to sharp turns to following my passion back into my craft. Between the two turns, I'd say it's best to say that this experience is helping me motivate myself to come back even stronger than before. My father had an an incident during Hurricane Irma (He had to be hospitalized) and seeing him not at his strongest ended up making me fall drastically. Seeing my father (the most stubborn yet caring man in the world) made me want to do all I can so that he can see how far I'm moving along with my art and business.

I have a lot of work waiting for you all right now and as you may notice there's also a change to the website to make everything more convenient as well as friendly for everyone whether on mobile or desktop! There will still be ongoing changes so don't fret if the website is a little difficult to manage, but definitely keep an eye out for more work to be presented via galleries and slideshows! I'm excited to say that one of my favorite moments that started off the year 2018 was traveling to Nashville, Tennessee for Imaging USA 2018. A conference of professional photographers nationwide as well as internationally coming together to not only improve their craft, but to create a network in which many can always seek out the advice and knowledge of fellow photographers. Coming back to Florida definitely fueled a massive fire in changing up how I do my consultations with not only brides, but with every single individual I come across (Whether old or new), and one thing for sure is that service will be my word for 2018. Serving every single person to the best of my ability, and serving them in every opportune moment in which they see the effort being given even for a small amount of time given.

Start following the blog, register for the blog, follow me on social media via Facebook, instagram, and google plus and let's start working in a direction that not only provides art, but a service that feels genuine and loving from beginning to end!

Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

Sarah & Brian's Nashville engagement session at Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

Imagina USA 2018 speakers

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