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Delray Beach and beyond!

We've had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of Hillary and Oliver's big wedding day at the Delray Beach Marriott Hotel. It was absolutely stunning seeing how many of the Marriott hotels try to incorporate their city's flavor for their guests that stay and rent out the event spaces. Hillary and Oliver were an awesome couple who were a bit laid back with the photos, but also very forward with the ideas We presented for them on their wedding day. One thing for certain is that a wedding photographer in Delray Beach can definitely play a lot with their surroundings and even try out new ideas with the help of the caterer's awesome decoration ideas.

All in all, when you have a couple who definitely is focused on their wedding and doesn't mind what little mishaps occur throughout the day, you'll end up with the most happiest couple on this earth. We as photographers do all we can to relieve the pressure of wedding mishaps because we have seen so many things occur and the one thing we want, not only as professionals but as people who truly care about how you feel on your day, is to make sure that you do not worry about anything and that you enjoy every second from beginning to end.

Keep following the blog as we dive into more wedding details as well as beautiful locations that could fit what you're searching for as your big idea!

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