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A proposal gone right

I was in Nashville, Tennessee about a month ago for a convention as I wrote in my first post of the year, but what I didn't get into detail was a mini-engagement session I was honored to do for the time I was there. Ashley and Blake, an adorable couple who didn't even know that I was a photographer away from home, was more than willing to have pictures taken (Even though mom made them do it) for a short amount of time. The fact that this was my first ever flight outside of Florida made me realize that I need to learn my equipment better because I under-packed (It's a terrible feeling knowing that what you think is enough but in reality it isn't) and had to rely a lot on my knowledge of lighting. One thing is for certain and that's the fact that these two nailed their mini-engagement shoot and definitely is looking forward to their actual session because they got to feel the presence of the camera and engage with a complete stranger who only wanted the absolute best for their pictures.

Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center is without a doubt a magical place especially during the winter season. Just the decorations alone are worth so much wonders to play with and to even experience first hand was magical to me.

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