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California Living: Part 2

Part 2 of my Los Angeles trip was hiking up Mount Hollywood, or at least a 2 mile trek of Mount Hollywood and when I tell you it was tough, It was tough. Being able to do the hike though felt accomplishing mentally because a majority of the time I wanted to either go back down and call it a day, but I wanted to keep going with everything I had. Upon nearing the spot I wanted, I began praying out loud to myself for strength and perseverance and within the end I made it and felt accomplished. The long trek I took ended with a blissful feeling of amazing pictures as well as drone video footage that I got to record.

Considering the challenges, hike, and creativity that took park into these photos I definitely enjoyed every second of it to the point of getting in front of the camera as well (which I honestly never do!) This goes to show that life is meant to be lived outside of our comfort zone as well as our routine because it allows new experiences to flow in immediately. Last and final part of our West Coast Living series is coming to a close, but are you enjoying the content that you see so far? If so then click on the link below to finish out strong with me as I finish retelling what Los Angeles was like from this past week!

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