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California Living: Part 3

Now the final part of my trip in Los Angeles ended up by Venice Beach and Santa Monica for a majority of the day. I travelled alongside Venice getting to know the location, but what caught my attention were all the street performances and people who were walking about in broad daylight by the beach. I never would have imagined hundreds and hundreds of people walking about side by side and covering most of the walkway in California.

The best feeling in the world was being able to experience the difference in culture from Miami to California and still being able to traverse the streets and encounter these instances as well. My curiosity for traveling peaked on this trip and it's definitely not going to stop anytime soon as I plan for my next trip. Now the questions is...Where do I go next? Inside the United States? Outside of the United States? Only time will tell but I count on one thing for sure, and it's that God will lead me to the right location when the time is right.

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